Are you as accessible to your customers as possible?

Posted: 27 Oct 2015
Tags loyal customers, Google Adwords campaign, digital marketing strategies, generate leads, business development, business, customer engagement, Brand identity, customer behaviour

The percentage of Google searches on mobile in New Zealand have increased over the years and the same applies to customer shopping behavior. 55% of New Zealanders use their smartphone to research or purchase products. 94% of smartphone users purchased a local and entertainment product, 93% purchased a retail product, 79% purchased a tech product and 73% smartphone users purchased a travel product.


Social Media trending in New Zealand

Posted: 22 Oct 2015
Tags Technology, whats trending, new followers, customer engagement, Brand identity, customer behaviour, social media, twitter

Numbers in the 2015 digital world report suggests that digital growth shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. Almost 45% of the world’s population now has access to the internet, representing a significant jump. In New Zealand 57% of New Zealand internet users visit social sites at least monthly.


Ideas for Fonterra?

Posted: 21 Oct 2015
Tags New Zealand business, business development, Brand identity, business reviews

Arla Foods, a global dairy company has developed a high-protein Snack Cake solution that will enable bakery companies to target opportunities created by the ‘snackification’ of meal occasions.


The future of delivery?

Posted: 8 Oct 2015
Tags whats trending, business development, business, Brand identity, business reviews

Amazon is starting beer, wine and spirits deliveries in the US for the first time as part of its speedy delivery service, Prime Now.


Are you fully booked?

Posted: 11 Aug 2015
Tags market sensitivity, New Zealand business, market change, advertising, market changes in New Zealand, market demand, continuity, market response, unique menu, visibility, Brand identity, business reviews, customer behaviour, small business, Auckland cafe, cafe

Yesterday after an absence of 2 years I visited one of Auckland's leading cafes. This cafe has a seating capacity of 40. At lunch there were only 2 customers, me and one other. Now what's interesting is, this cafe is in the middle of a complex of offices within a combined staff of 250. The majority of whom have obviously withdrawn their patronage.

What's the reason for this?


Google has spoken!

Posted: 21 Apr 2015
Tags Mobile, website, digital, business, search, Brand identity, digital marketing

Google has recently announced plans (mobile-friendly search results) to change its mobile search algorithm to give sites that are mobile-friendly higher rankings in search results.


Brand storytelling

Posted: 11 Mar 2015
Tags consumers, marketing, business, Brand identity, customer

Social and technological changes have disrupted traditional marketing models thus redefining what a brand is and what it can do. Therefore Brands must find active ways to drive conversations and create meaningful experiences for its consumers that also reflect the core values of the brand.

To do this, brands must evolve beyond traditional storytelling methods into full-fledged content creators. This requires the help of storytellers, influencers and technologists to develop new distribution strategies and innovative forms of content. Brands also have to exhibit a deep understanding of culture and community, and possess the authority to tie those things directly back to the brand itself.


Information on the move?

Posted: 16 Jul 2014
Tags Technology, Mobile, Brand identity, Smartphone

Your customers have their mobiles at the ready. How does your website look?

Why Being Mobile Friendly Matters

The Mobile technology facts.
• Mobile continues to grow while PC declines. Smartphones are up 12% and tablets up 18% in 2013.
• Growing and robust app ecosystem.
• BYOD (bring your own device to work) continues to expand
• Tablets proliferate; new sizes (phonelet), new functionality
• To-date, nearly half of the worldwide mobile phones are smartphones.
• One in four Google searches performed are from a mobile device.

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