Successful Business Networking: #3 – Fire!

Now that you have redefined your expectations and approach to Business Networking

  • Take your business cards.

  • Practice delivering your honed “Elevator Pitch”

  • Be curious and ask fellow attendees about them/their business and listen to their answers.

  • Be a problem solver. 

  • Go to people. Don’t wait for them to come to you.

  • Introduce people to each other.

  • Send a short note or follow up email to those you met for the first time and thank them for their time and build a bridge to your next interaction.

Finally, remember good things take time!

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    14 Oct 2015

    Business networking is not just a good thing. It's essential to building a successful career.Business networking is one of the most effective marketing and prospecting tools you can use to grow your business.


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